Two months later…..

November 11, 2010

….yes. You are correct. This blog was born out of that kind of inspiration (I’m thinking of the sudden, quick, sleepless kind) that won’t go away until you do something about it. Like many inspirations (please don’t call me a skeptic….but I grant you full permission to call me a pragmatist) only the good ones survive and float to the top from dream world and stay in the forefront of you thoughts.

For a while, I thought that this blog would be of the first kind of inspirations. Looks like it may prove me wrong. Sometimes good ideas need to be honed into something a little bit more tangible and specific. This blog was originally going to focus on…. everything I like that could be involved in research. Research? Yes, research. You know…. the buried in dusty books and finding hidden treasures of information kind? Maybe when you think of research you think of your grotchy college professor you gave you a C on your otherwise wonderous paper, all because you decided to use Turabian as a coaster on your dormroom desk.

….but yes, rambling is not the point. The point is that I was going to research EVERYTHING and put it on this blog. That is too much for this post-I-got-my-degree-and-am-suffering-post-college-shock-syndrome-but-am-still-pretending-that-i-still-like-to-do-academic-things. The focus of this blog, therefore, will be the namesake: Genealogy. (Note to self: Learn how to spell Genealogy. No one will take you seriously otherwise)

I realize that family history may be something that will not interest the 5.99999999999 billion other people in this world. The cool thing about family history, however, is that it involves other people! People that you know and people that you don’t know! You could be related to the waitress at the restaurant through a distant 5th cousin 5 times removed! You may be related to somebody famous (I know somebody who is related to the Plantagenets…..distantly, of course, and have no royal titles). Your ancestors probably did really neat things to get to wherever they ended up (cross an ocean? ride a wagon? walk? run?) Really interesting things perhaps happened to them (founded a town? Won the lottery? Robbed a bank?)

This blog will be a platform for gushing out my findings about my personal family history, and maybe, just maybe, connecting with other people who are also interested in the subject. Who knows? Maybe some of them will be long lost relatives…..

Stay tuned.

Hello world!

September 21, 2010

Hello blogging world! A few things:

I’ve never done this before…. so patience.

I don’t know exactly what I’m doing yet… so stay tuned.

Am I excited? You bet your bottom.